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Frederick Cellars Heritage Red


by Jacob

As I have mentioned in my review on Linganore Winecellers Terrapin White, I am a big supporter of Maryland wines. When I have a chance to visit the wineries in my home state and taste their products, I am continually impressed by some of the wines that are produced. This might not be as good as California, New York, Oregon or Washington, but they are getting better with each vintage.

Frederick Cellars in Frederick, Maryland is an urban winery located a few block from the downtown historic district. Because of their location, the vineyards that they draw most of their grapes from are located in other parts of Maryland.  In general, their red wines are much stronger than their whites.  One of the best they produce is the Heritage Red.  Typical of many European wines, Frederick Cellars uses multiple types of grapes all grown in the same Annapolis, Maryland vineyard, Harness Creek Vineyard. A former tobacco farm from the colonial days, Merlot (40%), Cabernet Franc (40%), Cabernet Sauvignon (7%), and Syrah (7%) make a delicious blend.

After visiting the winery in November 2009, I bought a half bottle (325ml) that I opened the other day.  Garnet in color in the glass, the wine has a smooth mouthfeel with hints of ripe berries and a mild spice.  It would pair well, I think, with pizza or pasta and also goes well with dark chocolate.  (Rating ***)


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