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Zwack Liqueur

Zwack—now there is an unforgettable name! Zwack is a liqueur, brandy, and Tokay maker. The beverage mega-corp, DIAGEO, is funneling one of Zwack’s liqueurs (called Unicum) to the United States as ZWACK.

What can one say about ZWACK? Well, it’s old school, for sure. It has a slightly medicinal nose and flavor, with a dominant black licorice note. If this picture is indicative, it looks like it is being aimed at a male college crowd. Which is fine—as that is where a lot of the booze money is at. At 80 proof, a few belts of this certainly will get you goofy, or belligerent.

But, we rather like this as an old fashioned after-dinner shooter, something you’d take an ounce of after eating plate of roast elk and potatoes. One small shot, and you can drift off to bed and into a deep sleep. (Rating ****)


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