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Tree of Life Vodka (Pomegranate)

Aiko Importers of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina imports some unusual beverages into the United States. We’ve reviewed its HAPPY POMMY POMEGRANATE WINE, KALASHNIKOV VODKA, and REGALIA VODKA.

Now, there are this: TREE OF LIFE VODKA. The front label describes it ass an 80 proof vodka “with natural flavor added.” The back says it is “distilled from pomegranate.” Which is it? Beats us. The “Proshyan Brandy Factory” of Yerevan, Armenia apparently produces it. Interestingly, this vodka was aged in oak barrels for 12 months. (One wonders, if it is aged and infused with flavor, is it still a vodka?)

Anyhoo, TREE OF LIFE has a pale orange tint, a medicinal nose, and is dry and not very pleasant in the mouth. It’s bitter, and tastes almost like Pomegranate peel (not the seeds). One sip and we can’t make ourselves have another. (Rating *)


1 thought on “Tree of Life Vodka (Pomegranate)

  1. Jonathan Hayes says:

    I have to disagree entirely with this review. One must look at all alcohol not by comparing it to others of a category.

    This vodka is most definitely an aged and multidistilled vodka. It has a smoother taste than many similar vodkas, and unlike ALL other pomegranate vodkas, it has a pleasant flavor rather than leaving you with an unpleasant fake taste.

    My wife and all friends I bring over also share this opinion. Though I will say that the most popular use for it is in screwdrivers and flavored martinis. I can just as easily drink it straight though.


    (Rating ****)

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