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Glentaite Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky 19 Years

Macallan markets lots of malts, but we can’t recall seeing a 19 year old one.

The Glen Taite is an independent bottling by “Alexander Murray & Co.,” a company that appears to provide whiskies to mega-retailers in the U.S., like Costco and Trader Joe’s. (Ye Olde World Wide Web carries very little information on the firm, and when we contacted someone involved in the marketing of the product, we were told Duncan and Taylor had bottled it.)

In this instance, the Glentaite can be found only at the Sam’s Club warehouse stores in the U.S., and it runs $100 a bottle.

Although it is only 80 proof, the Glentaite is a big whisky. One gets a bit of apricot, and a little clove and peat. In the mouth the barrel note predominates, along with an almost banana chip like flavor. Interesting, and best taken neat and in small quantities. (Rating ****)


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