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9/2009 JIM BEAM RYE 1 (rī)¹

9/2009 JIM BEAM RYE 1

This new, 92 proof whiskey came to market in the last year. The initial presentation of this rye has provoked more than a few critiques, what with the use of the Van Gogh vodka like bottle and the awfully difficult to type name. (Where on my keyboard is the button that makes the long sign over the i? And when we search for this booze online, should I type “Rye One” or “Rye 1” or…?)

Anyhoo, the marketing and packaging can be fixed. What’s inside the bottle, critically, is just fine. Charles Cowdery, a God amongst American whiskey tipplers, has spoken well of Rye One.

It is a a robust spirit, but a little less intense than other ryes out there (e.g., HUDSON MANHATTAN RYE WHISKEY). Rye One is a good starter and journeyman’s rye. It shows white pepper, and mild slight citrus and wood notes. We think it is best to sip neat and in very tiny sips, so as to allow the palate to appreciate the full flavor. (Rating ***3/4)

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