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Svedka Vodka

Five times distilled — so it has to MAHVELOUS, right? Well, no.

Don’t get us wrong — SVEDKA is not a bad vodka. We got a fifth at a Washington, DC liquor store for about $21. We enjoyed it, but we were a little disappointed.

SVEDKA did not have any of the yummy vodka notes (think good potato vodka), nor was it uber clean (think KETEL ONE). It showed a mild mineral note, and perhaps a hint of citrus. (That’s good.) It also exhibited a slightly metallic flavor. (That’s bad.)

We tried to figure out what fermentables were used to produce this SVEDKA but the super slick provided no information. (Come on, guys, at least show us a photograph of the distillery!)

So, we deem SVEDKA passable and we’d even consider buying another bottle in a pinch. (Rating***)


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