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Firemen’s Brews: Blonde, Red, and Brunette Beers

Ah, just what we love to see — a beer with a cause. In short, drink this beer and a portion of the profits will go to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, a congressionally chartered not-for-profit entity.

According to an LA Daily news story, “about 250 cases per month are produced at Indian Wells Brewery in the Mojave Desert.”

The marketing is a big too testosterone-loaded for us, what with the blonde, red-headed, and brunette babes and all. But if it works, well, bully for the company. The BLONDE is a very light brew, almost effervescent. It reminds us of home brew we made many moons ago. (Rating **1/2) The RED is more interesting — a bit malty, and a little dry. (Rating ***) The BRUNETTE is the most robust of all; at first nip, it tastes like a mild coffee porter, due to the roasty malts used. (Rating ***)

These are a good start, but one hopes Indian Wells will be asked to up its game for future issues of these brews. It IS for a good cause.

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