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Fred Franzia, the man Who Brought Us Charles Shaw (AKA Two Buck Chuck) Wine

This lengthy piece ran in the May 18, 2009 copy of the New Yorker magazine. Readers of this piece may come away from it not knowing whether to whoop and cheer for Franzia or to decry him as the Walmart of the wine world.

For our part, we are glad to see someone produce a wine that the common man can afford to serve at dinner each day. Think about it — if one was to buy $7 to $10 a day bargain wine, and consume 4 to 5 bottles per week, the cost would be $28 to $50. Over a four-week month, that comes to $126 to $200.

Admitedly, the quality is erratic. Some bottles taste like they were made from whatever leftover grapes Franzia could get his ahnds on. others are remarkably good. Don’t believe us? Well, check out this July 2007 Cleveland Leader story.


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