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Peak Organic Brewing Company Amber Ale and Espresso Amber Ale

We came cross these ales while shopping in a Whole Foods grocery store in Washington, DC this past weekend. A nice young chap from Peak brewing was offering samples of three of his company’s beers. We tried the Nut Brown Ale, but it was a bit too cool for us to get a good read on it. However, we liked the other two beers so much that we want to try the Nut Brown ale again, though at the right temperature.

The Amber Ale is copper-colored, sports a lean head and mid-sized body, and it offers a bit of sweetness before showing a toasty close. Quite pleasant, and just right for spring or autumn sipping. (Rating ***3/4)   The Amber Espresso Ale was terrific — the same beer with a mild, espresso zing seamlessly embedded in it.  Very deftly executed. Wow. (Rating ****1/2)

We are thrilled to see that somebody finally has managed to land both USDA organic certification and produce good beers.

You can read a bit more about Peak Organic Brewing Company’s brews at To see if our retailer can sell you these beers, click here.


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