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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Blended Scotch Whisky

We were a little skeptical of the rep’s pitch — “Pull that bottle of vodka out of your freezer and replace it with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold.” An $80 bottle of scotch?

When we sipped our chilled samples, we were pleasantly surprised. The whisky was very gentle and oozed honey, raisin, barley, and delectable smoke.

Back at our headquarters, we sampled Johnnie Walker Gold unchilled. The flavor was similar, but it was not so pleasant an experience. The less cold the booze, the lower the viscosity and the less velvety the mouthfeel. Though tasty, the flavors no longer seemed so harmonious. That does not, of course, mean we do not like this whisky—oh, no, we do. (Rating ***3/4)

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