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Select Vodka

 This new product came over the transom a few months back. It is produced by POLMOS BIELSKO-BIALA. SELECT VODKA’s big brag is that is is distilled six times. Rarely are vodkas, or any other spirits, distilled this many times.

SELECT VODKA is imported to the United States by D&B Imports LLC of Miami, Florida.
It is unclear what fermentables were used to produce this vodka. The label refers to “high quality rectified grain spirit,” which might be read to exclude potatoes. If we had to guess, we would hazard that this vodka is made with rye, as it has spicy notes.

This is a vodka that, generally, fits the “clean” vodka model made most famous by KETEL ONE. Sip it chilled and you don’t taste anything initially, then there’s a quick plume of spice, a touch of sweetness, then all flavor disappears. This is a very different experience than that which comes with potato vodkas. They deliver flavor after the swallow; they feel almost chewy. A fine vodka. (Rating ****)

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