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So, as best we can tell, there is no “STOCKYARD BREWING CO” of Chicago, Illinois. We searched,, etc. We got, as Kurt Vonnegut used to say, doodly squat. Perhaps, and we’re just guessing, this is a corporation organized under Illinois state law that exists mostly on paper, i.e., it contract brews via Goose Island. Who knows. Suffice to say, any company that is so dopey to not put information out about itself and its products online is a company just asking for trouble. Too bad, this beer is decent. It booms with chocolate and coffee. Like most stouts, it tastes best when it warms. In this instance, the brew began to show well after hit about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It paired nicely with a bowl of canned clam chowder. It’s viscosity is a bit low for a stout; the big taste and watery body struck us as disconsonant. (Rating ***1/2)


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