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Amarula Marula Fruit Cream Liqueur and Carnivo XO Liqueur

We had no idea what to expect— it’s not like we grew up eating Marula fruits in Ohio. We poured AMARULA into a rocks glass and it looked a bit like milk spiked with Hershey’s syrup. Most perplexing. Waving it under our noses our eyes popped- it was boisterous with a berry note of some sort. Now we were really confounded. Into the hatch it went and the berry note gave way to a cocoa or toffee flavor. Wow- unusual, but we’ve no doubt that lots of people will go absolutely bananas for this 34 proof cream liqueur. Take it straight or on ice. (Rating ****1/2)

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Carnivo XO—Gadzooks- a green colored liqueur made from “an award winning XO Cognac, premium French Vodka, a luscious tropical fruit juices”! This amalgam just makes no sense to us— why have both vodka and cognac? And how can you have both but only end up with a 40 proof liqueur? And how can the aforementioned ingredients make this stuff taste SO SUGARY?  Baffling.  It tastes a bit like spiked Gatorade.  We’re not too fond of this syrupy stuff.  Maybe those who like super sweet stuff will want to quaff this on ice.  Not us, though. (Rating **1/2)


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