Lisa Brown, Baby Mix Me a Drink

Lisa Brown Baby Mix Me a Drink

This short, cute board book made us laugh. It is part of the “Baby be of use” series that McSweeney’s published. This one came out in 2005.

It is durable enough that babies and toddlers can bang it about and gnaw its edges.

It makes a nice gift for the new parent, and serves as a gentle reminder to not get too wrapped up in childcare and to NEVER EVER forget cocktail hour.

Copies can be had for $7 or $8 here.


Johnny Michaels, Northstar Cocktails

This is a handsome, no nonsense guide to making cocktails. It provides lessons on the tools of barmen, basic information on spirits, and an eclectic collection of classic and cutting edge recipes.

It is a handsome book–sturdy hardback binding with a  slick leather feel to it.

Those who like to give gifts with a charitable tie-in will especially be pleased to learn that proceeds of sales of the Northstar Cocktails book (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2011) will benefit SPCA International, an animal welfare organization.

You can peek inside the book or buy a copy here.


Our Favorite Whiskey Books


If we could have only three, they would be:

Charles Cowdery, Bourbon Straight: The Uncut and Unfiltered Story of American Whiskey;

Henry G. Crowgey, Kentucky Bourbon: The Early Years of Whiskeymaking; and

John R. Hume and Michael S. Moss, The Making of Scotch Whisky.

If we could have a fourth, it would be Ralph Steadman’s hilarious Still Life With Bottle.

And if we could have a fifth, it would be the Andrew Jefford’s joyous read, Peat Smoke and Spirit, which provides a rich history of Islay and a feel for life there.

And if we… o.k., it is time to stop.


The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook

Albert Schmid—he might be the darling of the alcohol world.  He wrote a dissertation on “The History of Beer Used in Recipes in the United States.”  The uber-trained Chef Schmid then penned The Hospitality Manager’s Guide to Wines, Beers, and Spirits.

Now he has this—The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook (University of Kentucky Press, 2010).

Those wanting to view Schmid talking about cooking with Bourbon can view this video.  Steak marinaded in Bourbon… French toast with blueberries prepared in Bourbon…. And so on.  I’m feeling loop just contemplating it all.