Super Rare Bourbons: Eagle Rare 10 Year, Eagle Rare 17 Year, and W.L. Weller 19 Year
by Charles Westbrook

Anyone who is tuned into the bourbon world has likely heard of these three bourbons. Whle bourbon has, for some years, been pushing to shed its rough, rustic image, these bourbons redefine the category all the more. Bourbon, is not just $10 bottles of Jim Beam that college kids knock back in tumblers; bourbon is THE American spirit, a fine and special spirit for connoisseurs and those with plenty of green to spend.

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All of which, is not just some nefarious marketing push that ought be looked down upon. No, no- bourbon has been reinvented to some extent, and while these bourbons cost a good deal more than $10 a bottle, they are worth every penny. Don't I beg you, see them as whiskey for glugging into a fat glass and dousing with cola. Rather, see them as cognac, a beverage you consume in a quiet place in small quantities.

Eagle Rare 10 Year (90 proof), the least pricey of the bunch, is an intense whiskey, not something for the light weight or novice. Back in September 2001, Paul Pacult gave it four out a possible five stars, a "superb" rating. I agree- Eagle 10 is a grand whiskey. Dribble a few drops of water in it and you'll taste orange peel, caramel, grain, spice, almond and more (Rating ****). BUY Eagle Rare 10 Year

Eagle 17 Year is also 90 proof and, of course, is also made by Old Prentice Distillery of Frankfort, Kentucky. It's darker than the copper 10 Year Old, almost red-brown. Straight up it is nearly overwhelming, but quite enjoyable, flushing the head with apple, nuts, chcolate, caramel, barrel...Wow (Rating ****1/2). BUY Eagle Rare 17 Year

Last we lurch to W.L. Weller 19 Year, an ancient bourbon a shade darker than the Eagle 17. It is mind-blowing in intensity, I had to add some water because the taste was so immense. Even then, I confess that here my great olfactory system failed- this bourbons is so rich, I could not tease out the nuances, it is a veritable rainbow of flavors, and is fantastically smooth. Without hesitance I give it a very rare but certainly deserved perfect rating (Rating*****). BUY W.L. Weller 19 Year

These bourbons run $25-$50 a bottle and can be purchased at the links above.

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