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One of India’s most-populous states recently banned alcohol. Mayhem ensued.

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

When will the politicians learn? Prohibition does not work. 

The Washington Post’s Rama Lakshmi reports on the very bad things that are resulting from the banning of booze in Bihar.

The Danish beer company Carlsberg set up a gleaming green-and-gray factory in Bihar in 2012. But since April, it has stopped production. More than 600 laborers are now out of work. “Liquor was the social glue of parties, friendships, celebrations and conversations,” said Sanjeev Singh, who was forced to close three of his restaurants in Bihar’s capital of Patna after business dropped. Hotel bookings for corporate conferences and resorts also are down, and the rich are moving their wedding parties out of state. Meanwhile, bootleggers are selling liquor at three times the cost. Officials have seized liquor bottles crossing into Bihar in trucks filled with cattle feed, sacks of salt and bicycle parts. Police have found liquor hidden inside school bags, vegetable baskets, cooking-gas cylinders and even ambulances….” (Read more at the Washington Post)

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