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Hollandia Beer…. Since 1758?

Editor’s note: We’re republishing this article from January 25, 2003 because the old copy still gets so much reader traffic.

Hollandia BeerAt the corner store I found 16 ounce cans of Hollandia priced at $1 a piece. “Well,” I thought, “maybe it is a real bargain like Ballantine’s Ale.”

So I nabbed a few cans and took it back to the office to share with another taster. Shared conclusion: if these guys have been making this since 1758, they sure lack skill and taste. This is a thin yellow beer. It’s not awful, but it has little taste and what little it has reminds one of Budweiser from a stadium tap. (Rating: Not Good)

Brewed and canned by H. West, Maarsen, Holland, and imported by Bavaria USA, Inc., Dallas, TX 75287. Read more at