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Meet the money behind the effort to keep Alabama in the liquor retail business

Money BeveragesWhy any state government can rightly remain in the alcohol retail business is beyond comprehension. Clearly the private sector can sell beverages just fine.

Until one realizes that state selling of beverages is not about public health, the good of the children, etc. It is a matter of profit. States and private interests profit from the arrangement, at a cost to the rest of society. Behold this rich nugget from Alabama, whose legislator is daring to ponder privatization:

“Bob Leavell is concerned that a measure to close Alabama’s state-run liquor stores might gain traction. The former Alcoholic Beverage Control Board  administrator under Govs. Folsom and James now happens to lease property to the state to facilitate its retail liquor operations. He’d like for things to continue uninterrupted. After all, the State of Alabama is a heck of a reliable tenant. Property owners who lease to the state have a good gig…one worth protecting.”

You can have a look at the lobbying of the Alabama state legislature to maintain profit at: