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Reviews of Whiskey: A Global History

“‘Whiskey,’ at 144 pages, is the perfect primer for the person who wants to quickly learn the basics.”—Jason Wilson, Washington Post

“Kevin Kosar might be the most thoughtful boozehound you’ll ever meet.”—Todd Kliman, Washingtonian magazine

“This is a great book for the someone looking for information and the history of whiskey.  It is a very informative and an entertaining read for both the casual and serious student of distilled beverages…. I think it would be a great book for teaching people about whiskey—liquor companies should buy a large quantity to train their staff and/or customers.  Highly recommended—especially as a side with your whiskey.  —Chris Carlsson,

“Scotch purists may splutter over Kosar’s planet-wide perspective: note his spelling. But open-minded readers, and drinkers, will raise a glass to his elan and expertise.” —Boyd Tonkin, Independent (UK)

“[P]ages of this pocket-size guide are filled with … charm and erudition.”—Alasdair Buchan, Diplomat magazine (UK)

“Kevin R. Kosar… has written a brief, informative, and endlessly diverting history of whiskey.”  —Philip Terzian, The Weekly Standard

“With maps, antique illustrations and advertisements, charts and photos, this global history distills the spirit in a ways that’s accessible and engaging.”—Liza Weisstuch, Massachusetts Beverage Business

Whiskey: A Global History is nicely illustrated with vintage photographs, advertisements, and cartoons, and packed with factoids and stories.”—Karen Lyon, Hill Rag



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