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Tonight’s Tipple: Wheat Beer with a Shot of National Cranberry Liqueur

National Cranberry LiqueurWe reviewed National Vodka a few years ago, and found it very good.

There also are a range of National brand flavored spirits, including this low octane (48 proof) mixture of vodka, cognac, and cranberry juice.  Sure, you can chill this and take it as a shooter, but more appealing to us is to pour a shot into a tall glass of wheat beer. Delicious, and very pacifying.

National Cranberry Liqueur is imported by Rus Beverage of Horsham, Pennsylvania. Sadly, it appears Rus Beverage may have gone out of business.  Its website is offline, as is the Russian National Vodka website.

Happily, this shop seems to have National Cranberry in stock at the moment:


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