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Cafe Boheme Coffee Liqueur

Cafe Boheme Coffee LiqueurKobrand brings this mixture of coffee, vodka, creme, and vanilla to the United States.

It arrived perhaps five years ago, and we are a bit surprised to see it hanging on.  We simply cannot recall the last time we saw it being sold in a bar or hooch shop.

Cafe Boheme is a wee 32 proof (16% alcohol). It is probably best taken on the rocks.

The coffee flavor comes first, followed by a bit of vanilla and a light plume of alcohol. The creme adds flavor and serious viscosity to this liqueur. Cafe Boheme no doubt would appeal to the lovers of Kahlua, Bailey, and the like. (Rating: Good)

Read more at, and you can try to locate a bottle for sale at


2 thoughts on “Cafe Boheme Coffee Liqueur

  1. Just happened to see this and bought a bottle last nite (4/21/16). Opened it ….and nothing! Contents totally solid. Bringing back to the retailer today. Very disappointing. How old could it be?

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