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Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Limited Edition 2012

Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition 201254.7% alcohol—need we say more? Well, sure, a little.

Despite being 109.4 proof, we sipped this 12-year old Bourbon neat with no water added.

The folks over at Bourbon Blog has happy things to say of this whiskey some time back (here). Much to our sadness, only 4,000 bottles were released. I you can find it, it runs about $75 a bottle—but that price is sure to climb as time passes and it becomes more rare.

This whiskey is big and rye-heavy (20%, according to—which means folks who are used to vanilla-thick Bourbons might find this one a bit unfamiliar. As lovers of Old Forester and other rye heavy whiskeys, we adore this one.

It enters the mouth intensely, then reveals a range of notes—burnt orange, barrel char, pear… Delicious. (Rating: Excellent)




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