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Jason Wilson, Boozehound (Ten Speed Press, 2010)

BoozehoundWhoopsie—we quite liked this book yet failed to notify’s readers!

In our defense, we did review this book for a magazine—the Weekly Standard.

You can see our review at

Wilson, a spirits columnist for the Washington Post and the editor of, is a good guy, and he sure knows his spirits. Not only have we Wilson to thank for turning us on to the Aviation cocktail, he gave good ink to our Whiskey: A Global History.

Copies of Boozehound can be purchased here.


1 thought on “Jason Wilson, Boozehound (Ten Speed Press, 2010)

  1. Yo MOTV!I love Boozehound! It’s a fun and informative read. I’ve been an Amaro lover for what feels like an etnriety (Averna and Cynar mostly), and thanks to Mr. Wilson’s book, I have learned to appreciate Fernet and others equally. Isn’t the journey wonderful?Cheers!G-LO

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