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Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Canadian Whisky


A crowd we ran with decades ago used to call Southern Comfort “liquid panty remover.”

We found this monicker a tad repugnant, but it comes to mind as we contemplate Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Canadian Whisky.  This new spirit arrived on our doorstep in October, 2012.

Like SoCo, this hooch is a little less alcoholic than standard distilled spirits (80 proof), and boy-oh-boy is it easy to drink.  It is a bit sweet and tastes as advertised—like toasted caramel.  On the rocks it is absurdly easy to guzzle. (Rating: Good)

Serious boozehounds may snark about Black velvet Toasted Caramel Canadian Whisky, but Constellation Brands will have the last laugh when it sells by the bazillions of cases. Read more about it at


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