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Spicebox Canadian Whisky


As David de Kergommeaux has persuasively demonstrated, there are many good things going on with Canadian whisky.  The category of liquor is no longer just about thin, down-scales like Seagram’s 7.

Flavored and spiced Canadian whiskies have recently further stirred things up. (One wonders if these recent innovations were spurred by Bourbon’s recent dive into flavors—e.g., see the cherry-ified Red Stag by Jim Beam, which appeared in 2009.)

Spicebox Canadian Whisky does not go for cheap laughs. Yes, it uses vanilla, which is prominent in the nose, and flushes the palate initially.  Then, however, Spicebox melts into a gentle, sweetness that leaves on smacking the tongue against the to of one’s mouth.

It is 80 proof—the standard in the U.S.—but very easy to sip.  We suggest taking it neat and in small sips so as to enable one to explore what it has to offer.  At less than $20 a bottle, Spicebox is a drink that will appeal particularly the the whiskey/whisky newbie. (Rating ***1/2)

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