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Cocktails with Charro or The Crazy Alize Boat Party


Editor’s note: We’re republishing this post from our archive as part of a reorganization of the site’s content. This event occurred in the late 1990s.

Cocktails with Charo, or The Crazy Alize Boat Trip
by F. Sot Fitzgerald

We took a boat ride around the southern tip of Manhattan with the irreverent folks of Alize cognac. It was a night of twisted kitsch.

The South Street Seaport dock was transformed into a Frankie-Avalon-era beach party, complete with male and female bikini models… and the eternally splendid Charo (koochie, koochie!)

Once we set out to sea, there were drag queens spinning albums and dozens of party-goers danced crazily.


Tasty Alize cocktails were dished out at a furious pace. We two fisted it, gulping Alize VSOP on ice with one hand an chasing it with Alize Red Passion and Champagne cocktails.

While our editor maintained his sobriety, both F. Sot Fitzgerald and Charles Westbrook got loopy and spent much of the journey home grappling in the streets of Manhattan and arguing over whether to head uptown to watch the drag queens throw another party.


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