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Stone Hill Winery Blancs de Blancs Sparkling Wine 2001


When one thinks of American wine, often the first association is “California.”  While this kneejerk response is understandable, it needs getting beyond.

For one, wine was made in other states before it was made in California. This was a consequence of the pattern of European settlement of North America—newcomers began from the east and made their way west with time.

Missouri, for example, was quite the wine producer in the 19th century. German and other immigrants planted all sorts of grapes that are hardly known today and made fine drink from it. (You can learn some of this hsitory in Todd Kliman’s entertaining book, The Wild Vine.)

Stone Hill Winery of Hermann, Missouri has been around for a long time and we had the pleasure of tasting this sparkling wine. It costs just $18.99 (shop here) and is very good. (Rating ****1/4)

Anyone—such as wedding planners—who are looking for an affordable sparkling wine should consider this one.  It could easily be confused with a California or French bubbly at a higher price point.


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