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Double Cross Vodka

Were there was an award for best packaging, Double Cross Vodka would win it for 2012. This is a really beautiful bottle. It towers more than a foot high, and everything about it says “quality.” Double Cross’s website tells of the Slovakian poetry on the bottle and the other fine touches.

As for what’s in the bottle, this seven-times distilled wheat vodka has earned praise from Paul Pacult and other famed reviewers. We are not surprised—Double Cross Vodka is very good. From the freezer and taken neat, Double Cross is clean and shows an appealing toffee note. We cannot detect any off flavors or burn. Superb.  (Rating ****1/2)

Even after long storage in a freezer, the bottle’s top opens without incident. This is no small matter—we have come other super premium vodkas whose cheap tops that tend to get stuck in the bottle and even crack when one tries to wrench them off.  Which is no good.

Those looking for a sharp gift for vodka lovers can order a custom-engraved vodka here. You can see the one we got below—it is a beaut.




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