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Johnnie Walker Green Label Vatted Scotch Whisky

As many folks have heard, Johnnie Walker Green Label soon will be no more.  So here we bid adieu to Green, which for the longest time was not available in the United States.  (It was sold in duty-free stores and East Asia.)

Johnnie Green was a rare bird—insofar as it was a vatted Scotch whisky.  Unlike Johnnies’ various blends (black, red, etc.), Green Label was not made with any neutral grain spirit.  Rather, the vatted Green was a mixture single malts, and it was aged 15 years.

Green label was a nice mix of smoke and earth, and frutiness (pear, apple).  It was good enough to be nipped neat.  (Rating ****1/4)  Pity that the little that remains in our glass is all we have and the last we liekly will see of it.


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