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Re-Aging Cabin Still Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Previously, we’ve written of the success we had in taking cheap whiskey and improving its quality by popping it back in the barrel.

Not quite a month ago, we decided to try this again with a different whiskey—Cabin Still.  It is made by Heaven Hill of Kentucky, and weighs in at 80 proof.  Cabin Still does exceed the legal definition of Bourbon—it is aged three years in charred new oak barrels—but, it is not exactly super premium stuff.  We got a 1.75 liter plastic bottle for $17 before tax.

After just two weeks of re-aging, the taste improved—vanilla and barrel notes became more prominent, and it was a bit less boozy.  We blind tasted it on two fine gents (whose names are withheld to protect the innocent and dipsomaniacal), and they thought it was fine sipping whiskey.  Success!  Once again, we see that there is magic in the barrel!


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