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Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey and Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey 1993

Ah, the good old John Power and Son “three swallows” whiskey—we adore this simple drink.  Powers Gold Label (80 proof) is a bargain whiskey that offers up plenty of taste.

The nose is straight forward—hello barley and caramel. In the mouth is is earthy, fruity, and a little sweet.  The close offers a soft snap.

We’ll take our Powers straight up, thank you, with a robust stout or porter on the side.  (Rating ***3/4)

The 1990-1992 Vintages

A vintage Irish whiskey-isn’t that wonderful?

We tasted the 1992 Knappogue some time back and are thrilled to encounter the 1993.

When placed next to Powers and Red Breast, Knappogue Castle 1993 turned out to be the lightest colored of the three by far.  It is nearly Chardonnay colored. Knappogue is oily in the mouth (scotch lovers might well be taken by this characteristic), silky, slightly dry, and generally quite mild. It has a nutty-nugety note on the close that gives it some chew.

Intriguing—many tasting this blind wouldn’t recognize that it is Irish whiskey because it doesn’t clobber you with barley.  (Rating ****)

You can pester our retailer to see if he can sell you either Powers or Knappogue Castle.  Just click here.