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John B. Stetson Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

A new Bourbon has hit the market—John B. Stetson.  Does this mean that a new distillery has opened—the Stetson Distillery or somesuch?

Nope—this is a new brand of Bourbon being sold by Vision Wine & Spirits, LLC of Secaucus, New Jersey.  It is being produced under contract by a Kentucky distillery—-hence, the label reads “Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey,” not “New Jersey Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

John B. Stetson weighs in at 84 proof and can be found for $27 or so in retail shops. It is made from a mashbill of corn, barley, rye, and wheat, and is aged four years.

Stetson is a good, Bourbon, and a gentle one.  It has a slightly light body, and mild vanilla, pear, and char notes. It is best sipped neat or with just a little water or a single ice cube. (Rating ****)

If we had one suggestion, it would be this–consider bringing out a pricier bottling of this same whiskey at 90 or 94 proof. The extra proof would appeal to tipplers who prefer big whiskeys.

For further information, surf to And if you would like to order a bottle online, contact our retailer.




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