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Boru Vodka

Vodka from Ireland? You bet! Boru Vodka, named for the famed king of Ireland, Brian Boru, is quadruple distilled. Boru comes in three variants- Boru, Boru Citrus, and Boru Orange. All are 80 proof and very reasonably priced.

Regular Boru is a clean dry spirit, but it isn’t as flavorless as, say, Ketel One. It finishes dry but has a firm mineral note on the close. A solid vodka. (Rating ***3/4)

Boru Citrus wowed spirits guru, F. Paul Pacult. We’re not surprised: ice this vodka and drink it up- you’ll get a super smooth but delicious lemon and lemon rind flavors. Yum. (Rating ****1/4)

Boru Orange booms with Valencia oranges from Spain. The flavor just floods your mouth, and there’s no synthetic taste to it. This is orange, orange, orange. This is a potent mixer or can be enjoyed on ice (let the ice melt a touch in order to soften and expand the orange punch. (Rating ****)

You can get all three Boru’s from our retailer. They sell individual bottles and they also sell Boru’s cool “Trinity” set, which is three 200 ml bottles fitted together into one big bottle (a bit like Transformers!). To shop for Boru, just click here. Then type “Boru” in the search engine and click the magnifying glass image. You can learn more about Boru by contacting the good folks at Great Spirits LLC.



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