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Blackstone Chardonnay 2008

by Jacob

On balmy days, sometimes you do not want to open an expensive bottle of wine.  Several weeks ago, I picked up a bottle of 2008 Blackstone Chardonnay at the local grocery store for about $10. I did not have major exceptions for the wine, as many $10 Chardonnay’s are overly oaked and buttery.

Much to my surprise, this Chardonnay tasted more expensive than it was.  A straw color in the glass and notes of apple or pear on the nose were followed by a pleasant green apple and citrus taste.  You can also taste oak, but it is not overwhelming.  Also present, but not in major quantities are the traditional vanilla and buttery notes that have become associated with barrel aged Chardonnay.  The lack of major oak taste, I find refreshing as my palate has tended toward non-oaked expressions lately.  I wonder, “Were oak chips were used instead of barrels?”

Overall, at 13.5% alcohol and 95% Chardonnay, 3% Gewürztraminer, and 2% Semillon, I think I will go out and find another couple of bottle for the upcoming summer months (Rating *** 1/2).


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