American Harvest Organic Spirit (Organic Vodka)

Well, isn’t this an uber handsome bottle!  A liter bottle of American Harvest is a looming 14+ inches tall and 4 inches across.

We confess some confusion over the what and where.  This is a vodka, yet, its name does not carry the word “vodka”; rather, it is American Harvest Organic Spirit.  And what distillery makes this vodka is not listed on either the bottle or the website.  (We have our guess—Distilled Resources of Rigby.)  But perhaps we are just getting old and dense and should not be fussing over such things.

American Harvest (80 proof) is a new hooch with limited distribution so far.  Which is a pity, as it is pretty darn good.  It appears to be made from winter wheat, and offers a slightly sweet taste and a bit of a mocha note.  (Rating ****)

You can read more about American Harvest Organic Spirit at, and you might be able to get a bottle via our preferred retailer.  A liter runs about $25.






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