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Artá Tequila (Silver)

Cinco de Mayo 2011 is here, and it is time for something special.

Have a look at this bottle—it is terrific bit of design.  Its triangular shape is both hyper-modern and ancient-looking.  The blue delta and clear bottle evoke the ocean and sky.  A fat cork top seals the bottle.  This bottle of Artá (or ARTA) looks very sharp on a shelf.

What is in the bottle also is impressive.  This silver—or plata or blanco as it often is called—tequila is 100% agave.  (ARTA also comes in Reposado and Anejo versions.)  It was produced by Corporacion Ansan, and retails for $42 or so.

Th nose and flavor are lovely—it is not boozy in the least.  Artá Blanco shows citrus, pepper, and plenty of agave.  Lovely.  (Rating ****1/4)

You can read more about ARTA Silver (80 proof) at


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