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Flying Fish Brewery Exit 4 American Trippel

by Jacob

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the beer that recently won the Washington Post’s Beer Madness competition. Made by Flying Fish Brewery in New Jersey, the Exit 4 American Trippel is a bottle conditioned ale that weighs in at a hefty 9.5% alcohol. Drinking the ale, however, you would never know it had that much alcohol (unless you had many of them I suppose).  It is easy drinking and definitely not a hop-bomb.

A cloudy golden-color in the class, it has a nose of hops with citrus and a hint of banana.  On first sip, the citrus (especially orange flavor) comes through in a pleasing balance with the hops.  By its finish, the Exit 4 has almost no hops aftertaste and has a very smooth and balanced finish.

Served in a 12 ounce bottle, it drinks like a beer with less alcohol will providing the complexity normally associated with beers served in larger format containers (i.e., champagne bottles, growlers, pints, etc…).  (Rating *****)


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