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Bayou Teche Brewing LA-31 Biere Pale


by Jacob

Recently, I attended a conference in New Orleans.  While I have always enjoyed Abita beers, I wanted to try one of the new micro-brews that have been created since Hurricane Katrina (in addition to having plenty of Abita).

One new company is Bayou Teche Brewing.  Founded in 2009 in a formerly discarded rail road car, Bayou Teche aims to create beers “that compliment the cuisine and lifestyle of Cajuns and Creoles.”  While they have four current beers, I tried the LA-31 Biere Pale (or Louisiana Pale Ale). I drank the beer out of the bottle, so I cannot comment on the look.  The Biere Pale is a very smooth pale ale with mild hops on first taste with a light spicy and citrus notes on the finish with a hoppy kick.

I look forward to someday being able to buy Biere Pale outside of Louisiana (Rating ****1/2).


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