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Minott’s Black Star Double Hopped Golden Lager

From Whitefish, Montana…  Wait, where?  Whitefish, Montana, which is located near Whitefish Lake.  Which is a bit west of Hungry Horse.  Got it?  No?  Well, have a peek at this map.

Black Star is a product of the Great Northern Brewing Company, which was founded in 1994.  This brand of beer has had an interesting history.  The Missoulian reported:

The reissue coincides with the 15th anniversary of Great Northern, the brewery once built around Black Star. When former owner Minott Wessinger sold the brewery in 2002, he took the Black Star brand with him and the beer disappeared. Now, the McKenzie River Corp., a San Francisco-based beverage company Wessinger owns, is teaming up with Great Northern to produce the beer once again.

We’re glad it has returned.  This is a fine beer—it has a nice malty flavor and a classic Pilsner biscuit note.  This is just the sort of brew we’d like to keep stocked as one of our house brews. (Rating ***3/4)

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