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Linganore Winecellars Terrapin White 2008

Source: Linganore Winecellars

by Jacob

Living in Maryland, I want Maryland wineries to produce quality products that I enjoy drinking. My experience with local wines is limited and has been mixed.  I have had some very good wines and some very mediocre wines. In addition, I do not love sweet wines, which many wineries produce. Recently, I have discovered a white wine that I really enjoy.  It was a “Terrapin White” made by the Linganore Winecellars in Mt. Airy, Maryland.

Terrapin White is a Riesling based wine that has 3 percent residual sugar.  This is a little sweeter than I would normally choose to drink.  The wine was a light yellow (or straw color and on first smell, the nose had hints of pineapple. The wine has hints of pear with a note honeysuckle. This may be because of the residual sugar left to make it slightly sweet.

Overall, I think we have found a good summer wine.  Now to find more bottles because even though it is a Maryland wine, they are not as easy to find in the State of Maryland as you would think.  State law makes it impossible for the winery to send them to me—it’s a felony to send and receive wine in Maryland.  (***3/4)


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