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5/2010 Moonshine (Legal) Comes to Market

Tuthill's Corn Whiskey

The New York Times has caught up to an interesting development in the whiskey world—unaged whiskey is being brought to market.  Sure, moonshiners have plied their trade for centuries, but here I am talking about legally produced spirit.

While “white dog,” as it is called, does not have all the nuance that aged whiskey has, nonetheless it can be an appealing tipple. Unlike vodka, which is distilled at a very high proof to near purity (and then watered down), raw whiskeys produced in the United States are cooked at lower temperatures, meaning more of the flavor from the wort (the fermented seed-soup that gets) ends up in the hooch. So, for example, Tuthilltown’s Corn Whiskey is the spirit that gets used to produce its aged Baby Bourbon.

See Robert Simonson, “Moonshine Finds New Craftsmen and Enthusiasts,” New York Times, May 4, 2010.


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