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4/2010 Rhum Barbancourt Amidst the Ruins

Long ago, we reviewed Rhum Barbancourt and pronounced it terrific.

Our opinion hasn’t changed in the least.  It remains a unique rum; it’s flavor is not treacly in the least. You can mix it, if you must, but we heartily suggest sipping it neat.

The Atlantic Monthly magazine has a May 2010 article on Rhum Barbancourt’s struggle to survive after the recent earthquake.  It’s an inspiring story.  Haiti long has been a basket case; the earthquake made matters much, much worse.  Rhum Barbancourt employs people at wages far better than other private sector employers in Haiti.

Here is where desire and goodness can intersect—you can help Haitian people by buying a bottle or three of Rhum Barbancourt.  Check with your local retailer, or try this online retailer.


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