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E-Mail from Tito of Tito’s Vodka


In response to our review, we got this note from Tito, which he graciously permitted us to publish:

Thanks for the nice review.  Im glad you recommended Tito’s Handmade Vodka.  I agree you might want to leave more stuff in if you are aging it since it turns into all kinds of flavors in the process.  As for vodka, I like it clean so I can get up in the morning and cook the kids breakfast (unlike the old days when I could foil over the windows, turn down the ac, eat a plate of enchiladas and doze back off to a kung fu movie).  I find a potstill works for making it clean and condensing flavors.  I have nothing against anyone using any kind of still they want.  I just make vodka that I like to drink and feel fortunate that others like it too.  The logo I made in corel draw on my computer in 1994.  I was distilling into stainless steel barrels so that’s why it has a barrel.  Im a scientist by education and have used an assortment of ph, conductivity, gas chromatographs, saccharometers, mass spectrometers etc and find them of little or no value to me when making juice.  I just make vodka I like to drink and I have to use my hands to get it to my mouth.  That’s where the handmade comes in.  There is an artisanal value to using a potstill.  You could take 20 distillers and give them the same still and they would make 20 different products.  I guess that’s why baskin and robbins has 31 flavors.  Everyone is different and has a different pallet.  Anyway, I appreciate the review.  Keep up the good work.

Cheers!   Tito


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