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Tito’s Handmade Vodka


Boy, are we put off by the marketing of this vodka. “Hand-made”?  What, really, does that mean?  Does Tito mill rye into hooch all himself? Or is it the mere fact that he uses a pot still the basis for calling it handmade?

And what’s with using a pot still and distilling the vodka six times? If you’re trying to produce a vodka that is “spectacularly clean” and “cleansed of” cogeners, why not just use a patent still?  Cogeners, by the way, add flavor to a spirit.  None of this seems to make much sense except as buzz words to impress those who don’t know better.

And why does the label show a still dripping into a barrel?  This booze isn’t barrel-aged.

Marketing aside, again, this is a solid vodka—we recommend it.  It is 80 proof, pretty smooth, with a slightly citrusy flavor (Rating****).

To see if you can buy a bottle online, check with our retailer.  You can read more about Tito’s vodka, surf to

UPDATE: On April 19, 2010, we got an e-mail from Tito himself that addressed some of our gripes.  You can read it at:


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