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Troll Liqueur

As noted here, we have reviewed a few products imported by Aiko. Some are quite good; one, though, was dreadful.

Troll Liqueur comes from France, and is being promoted in part through an online cartoon. This low-booze (34 proof) liqueur is made with “wild fruits and red berries, Arctic Root, guarana, and ginger extracts.” We’re not sure what red berries are, and we are a little uneasy with having guarana put in our tipple. However, this is a nice liqueur. It has a very fruity nose, but is only slightly sweet in the mouth. You can sip it straight, but wed suggest chilling it or shooting it as you would limoncello. (Rating ****)

TROLL also comes in a Cognac and Cream version, but we nearly gagged after one sip of it. (Rating *)

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