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1/2010 Ben McFarland, World’s Best Beers (New York: Sterling Publishing, 2009)

This book contrasts nicely with Randy Mosher’s Tasting Beer. Mosher’s book is a paperback that is aimed at the beer novice. McFarland’s coffee-table sized hardback is for the beer fiend, the person who seeks great brews as if they were the Ark of the Covenant. Mosher’s book offers an American take on things; McFarland’s book is more cosmopolitan. McFarland is a UK writer; though he does cover beer in the U.S., most of the book is devoted to beers in the rest of the world. Admirably, McFarland hits lesser written about beer locales, like Cambodia and Lebanon. Whereas Mosher’s book may be read straight through, McFarland’s is a compendium loaded with short write-ups of brews familiar (e.g., Harpoon Ale) and exotic (e.g., Hansa Urbock).

WORLD’s BEST BEERS is a very nice book, and we recommend it without reservation. You can read more about or buy a copy of WORLD’S BEST BEER by clicking here.


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