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Vermont Spirits White and Gold Vodkas


A quick quiz: what do you think of when we say the word, “Vermont”? Green hills? The later version of the Bob Newhart Show?

o.k.—let’s try again. What do you think of when we say the words “Vermont” and “alcohol”? Woodchuck Draft Cider?

How about vodka? No? Well, you should.

Very interesting things are doing at VERMONT SPIRITS, a distillery in St. Johnsbury, a town of some 7,500 residents. The distillery is making vodka from cow’s milk and maple syrup. Really.

VERMONT SPIRITS is producing beautifully packaged and very impressive vodkas, and we got to sample two of them.

Vermont White Vodka is made from milk sugar. It is a slightly sweet nose, is a touch sweet on the palate, and is very pleasant. (Rating ****)

Vermont Gold Vodka is, in a word, unbelievably delicious. It is very viscous—what a delight to swish this about the mouth. And the maple note is terrific. Wow, we’re amazed. PERFECT RATING. (Rating *****)

To learn where you can acquire these vodkas, click here.


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