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Berliner Kindl Weisse Schankbier and Full Sail Session Lager and Session Black Lager

As mentioned earlier, we are SWAMPED with samples. So please pardon the review dump.

Berliner Kindl Weisse: Fat chance that you’ll find this funky German beer in the U.S. Our globetrotting friend, Baird, brought some back from his bicycling trip to Germany. (God, our lives are dull in comparison.) He enjoys it with a bit of fruit syrup, as did we, though straight up also is pleasant. Note: if you are thinking this beer will taste like the typical clove-y, nubblegum-y wheat beer, you are mistaken. KINDLE WEISSE is slightly sour, almost like Gueze, hence folks habit of putting raspberry syrup in it. (Rating ***3/4) For more information, see (Of course, you need to be able to read German.) Or you might also read a bit at

Full Sail Session Lager and Session Black Lager. The good stuff just keeps coming from FULL SAIL of Oregon. We liked the SESSION LAGER (Rating ***1/2) and loved the BLACK SESSION LAGER (Rating ****1/2). The latter had the body of a lager but toasty, chocolate-y notes. Awesome. For further information, surf to


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