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Stranahan’s Colroado Whiskey


Stranahan’s is a small distillery in Colorado that is quickly getting bigger. This past year the distillery corked barrel number 1,000, and moved from a 5,000 square foot plant to a 60,000 square foot facility.

We are not surprised. STRANAHAN’S COLORADO WHISKEY is darned good, and the public should demand plenty of it. It weighs in at 94 proof, and it isn’t corn sweet like most whiskeys made in the U.S. (Think Bourbon.) It is a 100% malted barley whiskey aged in new charred oak barrel for 2 years or more. Mmmm, the texture is oily, and the flavors of barley and barrel shine through. This is a distinct whiskey, one that you wouldn’t mistake for any other. It’s worth the price of $50 to $70 a bottle. (Rating ****3/4)

Oh, if the name Stranahan seems familiar, it is because George Stranahan is one of the guys who started Flying Dog Brewery.

For further details, surf to You can see if can sell you a bottle by clicking here. Stranahan’s is part of the Classic & Vintage Artisanal Spirits collection.


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