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Bell’s Brewery, Inc. Two Hearted Ale

When’s the last time you heard something good about Michigan? The Wolverines football team is dreadful, the auto industry has cratered, and yet another one of its politicians is going to jail.

But, we are pleased to report something is going right in the state — Bell’s Brewery of Kalamazoo. We tried this IPA not too long back at the suggestion of a friend.

Wow, what a hop bomb. Beer geeks can find the specs on this beer here. The hops are more floral than bitter, so we did not get the unhappy grimace on our face that we have so often gotten from MAGIC HAT brews of late.

Yum, TWO HEARTED ALE is a beer that seems to be designed to pair with a burger and fries. (Rating ****)

Surf to to learn more, or bug to see if they can sell you a six pack or two.


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